Carlos Sanorte is an architect, designer and artist through the means of graphic and industrial design, abstract painting and producing music for his project Sziberia, which combines poetry, experimental filming and photography.

He studied architecture and arts in the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos (UAEM) and co-founded the design & marketing studio Indigo33. His vision is to integrate all media available to support causes he believes in like the alternative currency Circulo Ollines. He has worked on a diversity of projects such as branding and packing design for products, museography for art exhibitions, promotional videos, franchise design, stand concept-building, and standard branding materials, always seeking a holistic view of marketing, communication and design. He lives in the magic town of Tepoztlán, where he enjoys building fires, hiking in the mountains, and pursuing a healthy, socially and environmentally conscious lifestyle with the belief that it is through our own selves that the collective can manifest its evolution.